Holger Hoehne - German Curling Association

2014-11-23 08:57:00 / Curlingsport News / Comments 0

The former multiple European and Vice World Champion is even after ending his active career still in business by coaching the youth.
Born 1970, he started curling at the end of the 1980s.
And with quite some success.
Between 1992 and his retreat from the competions in 2011 he won title after title. 5 World Championship medals, 3 European Championship medals, 12 German titles with Team Kapp are the very impressive results.
Taking part in 26 international tournaments tell the highly experienced curler. For many years he was part of Team Kapp, one of the few German curlingteams playing at world level.
Not only as sportsman Holger Höhne is among the highest profiled German curlers.
As coach of the Women's National Team and the Youth Team at Olympia he passes on his experience and passion for the sport of curling.