Broomgate and the consequences

2016-08-31 17:09:00 / Curlingsport News / Comments 0
Last change: 25.10.2016 at the end

The use of highly agressive pads, which had a substantial influence on the game, has brought about consequences.
A WCF "sweeping summit" at the end of May has led to recommendations that will be implemented in WCF tournaments.The detail of the consequences is not absolutely clear until now. We at Skeki, Europe's only distributor of all Top Canadian Labels and European exclusive Distributor for Warthog, use of course our direct and personal access to the Labels in order to inform our customers.
It seems to be sure, that highly agressive pads will not be allowed at Top Events.
As a reaction to Hardline, BP and Goldline had issued pads to their topteams with similar abilities.
And on the other events?
It looks like there won't be a change for the highend pads like Goldline's Norway or BP's EQ pad. The national associations as well as the clubs will give out rules as to which pads will be allowed in their events. But it seems, that the top heads prefer to rest with the use of these pads for everything but WCF events.
BalancePlus said this very clear and Fred Svirkly from Warthogstrong> is speaking for many, when he urges to stay calm and give the needed time to the process.
Goldline was the first label that showed us, already back in June, a pad that complies with the WCF rules.
It is based on the brandnew Goldline Air Head.
More in our next mail.
Also BalancePlus has with its brandnew eLite pad the ok from the WCF.
It is available for the standard Performance head as well as for the new Litespeed broom.
Change: 25.10.2016

Goldline: Recommendations for Club Curlers

Goldline sent out an email last night to warn of disadvantagoeous rules on the club level.
WCF, writes Doug Flowers, president of Goldline, only had top level competition seen as target of the ruling.
Competitions or events that don't have prizes of value, should not forbid the use of normal pads.
WCF certified pads, while used by most curlers, would practically make sweeping useless. Therefore, he pledges, to go on allowing pads that have been used without problems for years.
Actually he sees clubs overshooting the target. Doug Flower recommends to clubs, to follow Canadian clubs, who allow on most club level events all established pads including hair pads. Pads with inserts or heavily textured fabric are not allowed.