VAT information

Our shop shows the VAT. in different ways.

If you are not logged in: Prices with German VAT.

If you are logged in (so the system knows your address):

the VAT your delivery country

Why is that so?

Until July 2021 we could use the German VAT within the EU. 

At that time 19% one of the lowest in the EU.

Since then, the EU has forced us to use the VAT of the delivery country.

The net prices always remain the same, only the gross prices changes due to the application of the VAT rate of your country.

If you are logged into the shop, our system will show the gross price for your delivery country. If not, then the prices for the delivery country Germany are displayed.

Thank you to the EU

As a consequence of this legal change, we are forced to submit a VAT tax report / statement in all EU countries to which we deliver. 

Additional costs, superfluous administrative work.

From our point of view, a clear preference for large companies, which are doing better and better in the bureaucratic jungle. After all, the effort does not increase evenly with the size of the company.

Deliveries within the EU are thus fatally similar to deliveries to non EU countries.
If we deliver to Switzerland, then without VAT and when the goods cross the border, the (fantastic low) Swiss VAT is applied.
This is exactly the same as within the EU.
Except that our customers, e.g. in Hungary (as of Jan/23) pay 27% and not 7.7%.

And it doesn't even work.

The Finnish state has been sending us warnings for months and demands payment of our VAT tax obligation.
In fact, we pay this tax by law to the German state and they should pass it on.

Worst of all, our customers pay higher prices.

And often think we are cashing it in.