Return Shipments

A return shipment is very easy. Simply send your parcel to: Skeki GmbH An der Urania 5 10787 Berlin Please give us instructions what to do with your return shipment. Putting a note in your parcel is fine. Tell us things like: change to other item or return of the product. If you want to exchange something please do a bank transfer for the new shipping costs. You can look the up in the table of the shipping cost for your country without any discounts. The parcel services charge for return shipments and we, sadly, have to pass those costs on. If you simply return the merchandise, please don't forget to give us your bank account details even if you paid by bank transfer. This data is not given by the receiving bank. For Paypal we know your account and can send the money back without any further information from your side. It is important, that you didn't use the items you want to send back. As to the time frame, we are easy going, as for your legal obligations as well. If you are in doubt: we are here for you. Just send us a mail.

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