Return Shipments

It's easy to do a return shipment

Step 1 Checks

Please check if a return is possible.

Your items are

  1. unused and not damaged
  2. not longer than two weeks in your posession
    If you want to return after that, please contact us.
    Usually that should be no problem.

For questions or if you need assistance please use the button "Book a Return" below.

Step 2 Inform us

Please inform us if you are sending something back.
You have no obligation to do that of course and we will accept your return without this information, but it helps us in the process and our warehouse knows about the return.

Please tell us:

  1. What will be returned?
    If possible tell us, why you are sending it back, that helps us a lot. Thank you!
  2. Is it an exchange or just a return?
  3. If it is a return:
    Please tell us the items you want in exchange.

Simply click on the button "Book a Return" - Dankeschön!

Step 3 Prepare the Return

Please help us, so that everything works nicely:

  • put a short notice in the return and tell us what to do with the return
  • If it is an exchange, please transfer the shipping costs.
    Sadly the parcel services charge us for a renewed shipment.
  • If it is a return, please give us your banking details.
    If you paid with PayPal or credit card, we can return your payment with PayPal.

Would you like to buy a return label?

You can do it on this page below.
Often it is cheaper than buying it yourself.

Step 4 Ship the Return

Please stamp or label the return and send it to:

Skeki GmbH
Döbichauer Str. 1-3
04435 Schkeuditz / Dölzig

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