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Minigolf Putters
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Unlike the clubs you get at your minigolf course, our putters (starting with the modell "Striker") have a special rubber face and you can choose different types from starter to competition putters.
Minigolf clubs from Skeki are reasonably priced - often cheaper than buying a used Minigolf Club.

The advantages for your game of Minigolf:

  • Minigolfballs of different hardness and upthrow are reflected from the putter face with the same speed
  • Minigolfballs can be played with slice

Minigolfclubs are categorized

  • left side or right side play
  • different Minigolf Putter lenght
  • for Miniaturgolf (Minigolf on Eternit), Betong and Felt
  • from starter to competition level

6 Series of Minigolf Putters - with over 50 variants

Here you will find a minigolf club that fits for you

  • Der Standard Minigolf Putter
  • simple, robust and a bargain price

  • Das Modell "Striker"
  • starting with this modell you get an ergonomic handgrip and a rubber plate.

  • Der "Big Benn"
  • top price, optimized weight balance for both sides

  • The "Professional"
  • great weight balance, a crosshair target and many colours, competition level

  • The "Topscorer"
  • A competition level L-type Putter with embedded rubbers on both sides

    Frequent questions Minigolf Putters

    • Was ist ein Linksschläger und ein Rechtsschläger?
    • Wie finde ich die optimale Länge?
    Left side and right side putters

    should be chosen depending on which side you like to play.
    Its easy to memorize:
    A left side minigolf putter has the rubber on the right side and the other way round.
    Or: With a right side minigolf putter you strike from right to left.
    If you don't know yet, choose a minigolf putter for both sides.
    Your playing side does not always match if you are generally a right/left hand type. Use our filterfunction: choose below "Minigolf strike side" the side you want and you get a list of all matching minigolf putters.
    right side = Rechts-Schläger - left side = Links-Schläger

    Minigolf Putter: left side and right side How do I find the perfect lenght of my minigolf putter?

    It depends only on one thing: if you feel comfortable or not.

    Unnessesary muscle tensions are very bad for any type of precision movement and not good for your body in general.
    Your height is the main criteria, but also lenght and position of your arms.

    It's easy to find out:
    Go into a comfortable putting position and hold a stick exactly like holding a minigolf putter.
    Take the measure and that's it.
    Skeki offers you 6 different lenghts of minigolf clubs, so you will always find the right lenght - even if you belong to the tall people or to the vertically challenged people. Use our cool filterfunction: Click left below "Minigolf Putter lenght" simply the lenght you need and you will get a list of all relevant minigolf putters.
    Minigolfschläger in allen Längen

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