BalancePlus 400 Curling Shoe Series

From Entry Level to Competition Level

The 400 series from BalancePlus is available in many variants. One of these surely fits you. Basically the 400 series has a split slider. That was the major novelty when the BP400 came in for the BP200.

These are the variants

BP 401: great price, a slider that is not too fast - perfect for beginners

400 3/16" = BP 403

The middle range with a slider, that fits all levels of play exept competitive curling. There are the following subvariants:

•the standard model for right hand play

•standard model (righthander) with toe coating

•standard model for lefties

BP 400 Special Edition

The special editition is almost a Skeki special edition. When the BP200, with its long, onepiece slider was replaced by the BP400 a lot of curlers wanted no split slider, which was unknown back then. But the major innovation of the BP400 over the BP200 was that split slider and it came as standard. So Skeki introduced this model and it has been popular since then. Besides the long slider comes toe coating as a standard. At a bargain price compared to ordering those two options seperate.

BP 404 1/4"

If the 401 is the entry to the 400 series, then this shoe is the top. With this slider you enter into the arena of competitive curling.

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