Curling Equipment for Beginners

Curlingshoes and Curlingbrooms fo all who are new to the curling sport

Skeki recommends: This is how your first curling equipment should look like

Buy a set not from a competition level label.

Here are the reasons why:
  • this way you will find great quality without the price tag
  • buying a set at Skeki means saving money
  • a curling shoe with a slower slider will not be too fast for beginners
  • a fibreglass curling broom is saving money
  • very useful is a bag for your shoes
  • and either a bag for the broom or a head cover

You prefer Top Level Curling Equipment?

Skeki is the leading webshop for these products.
In your Skeki store you find all canadian top labels and we supply in the elite level many top teams like national or olympic teams.
And of course we like to sell you these premium products with a smile.
But: Our recommendations for new curlers are usually in the price entry level.

Why recommends Skeki no premium curling equipment for beginners?

It's not that we would not like the sales. But it doesn't help the new curler to buy and pay for an equipment, that is above his or her level of play.
An entry level equipment has the huge advantage, that you can learn your new sport and grow your personal opinion about what type of equipment fits your play. Without hurry and on the rink.
And without spending too much.
Nothing is more annoying than to change expensive equipment after the first season, because e.g. you find out that you prefer a different type of curling shoe.
We believe a good supplier is the one who has the best for the player in mind.
After you leave the beginner level and have grown some experience with curling equipment, we will find in our vast product range exactly the products that fullfill you wishes and fit your play level.
Many curling associations, clubs and curlers from beginner to world class player trust Skeki.
Become one of them!
We are here for you!
If you have questions: anytime with pleasure!

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