Find the right shoe size

The many systems used to standardize shoe sizes are confusing.

Key points to understand

  • Curling shoes only use the size systems US M (Athl.) and US W (Athl.)
    (highlighted by a box in the graphic):
  • Shoe sizes are not points but distances, i.e. a shoe size is 1-2 cm "long" depending on the system
  • If a shoe model has insoles, you are a bit more flexible in terms of shoe size
    • You can also buy insoles in shoe shops that make the shoe a perfect fit
    • Thick socks then also have room and should always be taken into account.
  • If a model is reported to us by customers as too big or too small, then you will find this in the article text.
    The same applies vice versa. If nothing is noted, then we have no notification of discrepancies.
Our tip:
When in doubt, always buy something larger.
Stockings or an insole can make a shoe "smaller".
It's much more difficult the other way around.

The most important rule

Forget EU sizes!
No Canadian label is interested in it.
For understandable reasons, only US sizes count there.
If you "translate" to EU sizes using our industry table, be aware that it is a translation and not the original.
There are also manufacturers who translate a little more "creatively". Do not rely on the EU sizing information on the shoe, if there is one. We deliberately do not list these partly incorrect manufacturer information on our website.

Skeki cannot accept any liability for a translation. The shoes are sold in US sizes.

Here comes a small graphis of Claus Färber which helps to translate the various systems.