Goldline G50 Curling Shoe Series

Curling Shoes for every Level of Play

The G50 series from Goldline is available in many variants. One variant certainly fits your needs.

Important to know:

  • the technical basis of the curling shoes, i.e. the lower part is the same for all models
  • all variants create a so called "stability channel" by distributing the weight
  • the wellknown Goldline gripper is used for all models as 2nd sole
  • the upper shoe is different for each variant in material as well as design
  • for all models it's true, that the upper shoe is flexible, warm and comfortable
  • Cyclone, Storm, Azul and Fuego have a knot material as upper

The sliders are different - here comes an overview:

Goldline G50 series: sliders and speeds
Model slider type speed rating
G50 Breeze 3/32" 5
G50 Swift 5/32" 7
G50 Storm 5/32"+ 8
G50 Velocity 1/4" 10
G50 Cyclone 1/4" 11
G50 Fuego / Azul 1/4" 11


The variants of the G50 series in an overview

Goldline G50 Breeze

The Breeze is ideal for beginners or occasional curlers who don't want to be gliding too fast, but for whom a pure beginners shoe like the Tournament Eagle, the BP 401 or the Olson Crosskick is a bit too slow.


Goldline G50 Swift

The Swift represents the middle class. Fast enough for the club and small tournaments or bonspiels.


Goldline G50 Storm

The Storm is, like the Swift, middle class but an upgrade of the nominal equal slider makes him a tick faster.


Goldline G50 Velocity - Goldline G50 Cyclone - Goldline G50 Fuego und Azul

All three models belong to the top class of curling shoes and are fit for tournaments on any level. Goldline rates their 1/4" slider with speed 11 and gives a speed  of 10 as reference value for classic 1/4" slider. (We cannot measure that of course.)
If you look at top Teams like Team Bottcher, Team Homan or the Olympic Gold winning Team Jones you will spot these curling shoes.

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