brought in 2014, after several not really...

Hardline Curling

brought in 2014, after several not really successful years, the icePad to the curling market in a TV show they gained financial support from venture capitalists. The icePad advanced to be the most disputed pad in curling history Critics not only accused Hardline of damaging the ice on the rink with their pad, but by doing so, to achieve an unfair advantage. The leading labels of Canadian curling suppliers reacted with the thread to introduce pad with an aggressivness equal to the icePad to counter the competitive distortion. Balanceplus even produced handmade prototypes for some teams to show, that Hardline didn't have any technological edge. The World Curling Federation made tests in may 2016 and they resulted in a complete change of rules for pads. Thus Hardline's icePad practically ended the years of variaty in the pad production. Since then all competition pads have to use the same textiles. As a further consequence BalancePlus with the Litespeed and Goldline with the Ultralite and Air Head brought new, and as many specialists tell us, superior brooms to the market. As a result those two labels dominated the Olympics 2018.

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