Minigolf at Home

The perfect Minigolf Equipment for your Home

It doesn't need to be the minigolf course, at home minigolf is just as much fun. We show you how to do it.

A good minigolf set für your house or appartment consists of three parts:

  1. A Minigolf Putter
  2. A Mini Golf Ball (soft)
  3. The Hole Simulator

Minigolfball Indoor

Basically you can use every ball, but we think a softer ball is better. Below you find a few recommendations.

Minigolf Putter

Unlike on the minigolf course, it is important, that the head of the putter allows playing with both sides. On the course you always find a way around tob e able to use the putter with your favorite side. In your home, this might be sometimes a bit difficult. Walls are hard to move. So it’s good tob e flexible with a two sided head on the minigolf putter.

A rubber on the putter’s head is not needed as well. On the course you need it to „cut“ the ball and make it spin. Indoor that is not needed. 

Hole Simulator

This is a must for playing at home. At Skeki you can find a so called „Hole Simulator“. Which is the ideal solution if you don’t want to dig a hole in your living room floor. The hole simulator is put flat on the floor. It doesn’t move and the little flag shows the position. The best is the material. When the minigolf ball rolls in, the edge bends inward and you can score.

Obstacles – Do it yourself

Obstacles or chicanes are easy made. A staple of books, a carton – no boundaries for your fantasy.

Minigolfball Soft

Minigolf Putter Luzern

Hole Simulator

Office Golf Set Luzern

Of course you can use all of this equipment outside as well.

Minigolf at Home

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