Minigolf Balls in Sets

Why a Set for Minigolf Balls?

At Skeki you find a huge product range and this can be a little confusing sometimes.
No worries, a good specialist retailer knows that problem and offers a solution for you.
Minigolf balls as a set are perfect, if you play minigolf as a hobby.
Our product range offers the right choice for you, what ever level of minigolf player you are and no matter how your budget looks like.
The sets are put together by our professionals in a way that makes sense. And you save when buying a set versus buying individual minigof balls.

The Berofit Set with 6 Mini Golf Balls - we think: the best price - quality ratio

Every ball has a different color - there is no easier way to identify the balls. Darker means: tha ball has more jump. This means, the more the ball has to bounce back, the darker you choose the color.
The blue ball fits always and makes the set complete.
The same designer was responsible as the one from the Smilie set. Production is in Germany.
His comment:
The Smilie series allows a more precise choice of the perfect ball for the track, but I personally think, that the Berofit series is better balanced.

The Smilie Set with 9 Minigolf balls

Many balls allow a precise decision which ball is used for which minigolf track. The number system of the balls make it easy to identify them.

The Standard Set

If a bargain is important for you, then this set is a very good choice.
It offers all main variations of minigolf balls: hard and soft, fast and slow or heavy.
And the price is unbeatable.

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