Your specialist dealer cares for the kids!...

Minigolf Equipment for Kids

Your specialist dealer cares for the kids!

It's more fun for the kids with their own minigolf putter!
Reduced weight, robust quality and materials adapted to kids special needs make the difference to our minigolf putters for adults.
And the most important:

The lenght fits children's sizes!

  • 55 cm for the little guys and dolls ..
  • 65 cm for the primary school pupils ...
  • 75 cm for the Kids ...
If you prefer to have short (75cm, 85cm) Minigolf Putters instead of Kids Putters, please go to the Miniature Golf Putter category.
The putters there are -besides the lenght- identical to the "normal" putters for grown-ups and are available in many different types.

Special tip: check out our sets - composed with a sense for kids and the budget of the parents

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