Minigolf Sets for Kids

Putters appropriate for Kids and really cool Addons

Minigolf is a sport for the whole family. An own equipment for the childrens does not cost a fortune at Skeki. But with it minigolf is even more fun.

Why are our Minigolf Sets the right ones for your kids, nephews, nices and grandchildren.

Our Minigolf Putters for the Kids

... are not only different in lenghts compared to adult putters.
The materials used have the children in mind. The putters are lighter and the head is not made of metal.
We parents do know, that we never know a 100% what the putters will be "used" for.
On top, they are robust. For long time fun.

The Minigolf Ball Sets

are a good compromise between price and quality.
We believe, it makes sense to learn how to put with minigolf balls with different characteristics.
Soft or hard? Recognising and learning the differences is fun and a great training for all senses.
And the balls are not expensive. So, just in case, upps, one ball is missing somehow: no big drama.

The Ball Bag

Keep your order - like this they learn it and get a reward. The balls can be found without trouble. But it is also rather cool to have an own bag for the own minigolf balls.

The Hole Simulator

Fun without frontiers.
Put it somewhere, in the garden or the childrens room. Creating obstacles is just a question of fantasy.
Build your own minigolf course.
Who has the best ideas for obstacles?

The Sets - composed with a sense for kids and the budget of the parents

Minigolf Starter Set for Children

A putter, a minigolf ball, a tee for putting from grass and you have a set at a budget.

Minigolf Complete Set for Children

All from the Starterset and a minigolf ball set with 6 different balls and a ball pickup.

Minigolf Premium Set for Children

All from the Complete Set and a cool Minibag for keeping things together and the hole simulator for many, many hours of minigolf fun.

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