Minigolfball Series - Tournament Standard

System of 8 Minigolfballs in tournament quality

  • One minigolfball is not enough?
  • 200 different minigolfballs are to many and to confusing?
  • It should be tournament quality?
  • You would like to know which minigolfball should be used for which minigolfcourse?

The Smilie Series can do that!

This Minigolfball series was created with the experience of the producer with the longest standing tradition in the ball industry: Golf Wagner from Ingolstadt/Germany.
The aim was to create a complete and simple to understand set of Minigolfballs.
The Minigolfballs of the Smilie Series are designed and produced in Ingolstadt, a city wellknown for its high-tech industrial tradition with companies like Audi.
They have a rugged high-tech lacquering and the producer guarantees the roundness of the minigolfballs.
Even if they are aimed at the everyday minigolfer, the quality standards are so high, that they are also used by tournament players.
The 8 Minigolfballs are staged by hardness and with their printed identification numbers easy to identify.
Which Minigolfball on which Minigolf course?


System of 5 Minigolf Balls for all Minigolf Courses: Betong, Eternit, Felt

Variations in:
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