is one of the largest producer of curling...


is one of the largest producer of curling supplies in the world. They are active in this winter sport activity since more than 70 years.

The year 1933

E.B. Olson the founder of Olson curling was a successful sportsman and in the year 1933 he placed the headstone of this huge new curling company. E.B. Olson won many curling tournaments including the Alberta Curling Association Championship 1957 and the 1st California International Event in 1959.

First Rubber Curling Hack

The year 1939 was a great year for Olson. It was the beginning of the first rubber curling hack and it was a invention of Olson. This product was the groundwork for decades of success. Many of the Olson inventions are patented. Including modifications of curling brooms and curling shoes as well as other supplies.
Olson often moves off the beaten track and has highly innovative products, which you can find here at your Skeki curling shop.

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