Hinged Slider of a Curling Shoe

2022-08-07 10:34:00 / / Comments 0
The back end is
not glued - this enables the sole to keep contact to the ice when the foot is bent.

With some curling shoe models, the front slider surface is not completely glued to the shoe. It lifts off the shoe when the foot bends. What's it all about?

The rear part of the slider protrudes from the actual sole of the shoe.
This is not a production error, it is a so-called hinged sole.

This special sole technology enables a better footing and more contact with the ice when the foot bends, because the front slider remains completely on the ice surface.

Very important: the soles are just as resilient as traditional, fully bonded soles.

The understandable fear that the sole could come off is completely unfounded in practice.

Originally, this equipment was only available in the top class such as the BP Delux or the Ultima Dress. Numerous models with this popular equipment are now available.

Take a look at our video - you can see the benefits of a hinged sole particularly well when you're moving.