is today one of the leading producers of...


is today one of the leading producers of curling supplies wolrdwide.
The product range takes care of the beginner as well as the world top curlers. No label has more world champions and winter olympic champions using their curlingshoes.

1994: BalancePlus is founded

The company is still rather young.
1994 Lino Di Iorio wasn't at the age of 46 any more a young man when he started curling. Not only, that he fell immediately for the sport, but he also thought the equipment should be improved. The curlingshoes used at that time didn't help much to keep the balance and had too much drag.
He started experimenting and in early 1995 he had developed a slider, that helped to balance and gave him a longer slide.

The Slider

At first he didn't trust his findings. It seemed to be so simple, that he thought it might be forbidden by curling rules because nobody else used it. A few friends tested and were enthusiastic. As a result, they wanted their curling shoes to be equipped with Lino's new slider.
That was how Ed Werenich first got his new slider and then his new business partner: Lino Di Iorio. He sold BalancePlus Curlingshoes in his curling depot pro shop.
In 1995 Lino registered his patent which was finalized in 1997. And the season 1995/96 saw the breakthrough of BalancePlus curlingshoes to the world elite of curlers. Sales started to go through the roof and as a consequence production was professionalized. In July of 1996 BalancePlus Inc. was founded by Lino and Lynne Di IOrio and Scott Taylor.
And the story went on.

The Top: BalancePlus Delux

Perfect methods of production, the usage of holes in the slider and other improvements led finally in 1998 to the development of the BalancePlus Delux series.
The curling shoes that is, up until today, the most widely used curling shoe at world level competition.

BalancePlus at Skeki

The product line features all sort of curling equipment and can be found in your skeki online store.
If you need a special item which is not part of our huge array, you can always use our special order service. There is of course no service charge for getting you even the most exotic product.

Curling shoes
The new BalancePlus 400 with splitted sole targets the intermediate curler.
Also avalable with BalancePlus 500 is a competition level curling shoe. The sliders and grippers use a pod system which makes it easy to change.
The only BalancePlus shoe that can change the sliding side.
The most widely used shoe of world class curlers:
BalancePlus Delux D Slider and BalancePlus Delux I Slider

Curling brooms
A bit more weight for less money: BalancePlus fibreglass broom.
And the top modell with an EQ pad: BalancePlus carbon with an EQ pad.

If you like to "build" your own personal broom:
BalancePlus, Ultima and Tournament Broom Configurator

The corresponding pad: The EQ pad.

In the last years, BalancePlus started the LS series - a head systen of their own for curling brooms. It started with the Litespeed broom with LS head and hat the first Extension with the wide or XL LS head. Then came the RS pad, where you didn't exchange the whole pad, but only the sleeve.