Curling broom replacement pads for the standard head

 curling broom pad

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New pads for the standard head

A lot of new products this season!
The new Warthog pad - in Europe exklusively distributed by Skeki.
An absolute high-end pad.
"WCF Approved" pads
For the top events of curlingsport to fullfill the new regulations.

The types of replacement pads


Standardpads are made of cordura or similar material.
The T499RP from Ultima Curling and the Goldline replacemen pad are offered in many colours and Ultima is a real bargain.

High Performance Pads

These pads give you a higher efficency compared to the standardpads.
Less power for the same effect.
Earlier BalancePlus with the EQ Pad was alone in this class.
Today you have the choice between BalancePlus EQ, Goldline Norway, Asham TX, Olson GR8 and the Ultima High Performance Pad.

Other Pads

The Horsehair pad and a whole range of pads for the Transformer curlingbroom belong here.