Pads for Curlingbrooms

Pads 2020/21:
BP RS more Variants, more Colours

RS Pads still are topic no. 1.
Even as Europe is, as usual, lagging one or two seasons behind Canada in terms of adapting new trends. RS System is often understood as an alternative to LS. But that is wrong. RS and LS pads use the same head, as BP calls it: capture piece. That means, they are no alternatives, but parts of the same systems.
RS pads fit all brooms with a Litespeed head and are fixed with hte same screws. Changing from LS to RS and vice versa is done in a moment.
The Litespeed system grows fast. BalancePlus brought the RS pad initially as WCF, EQ and EQ+ to the market. Now follows
BalancePlus Sportlite
This pad brings colour to the rink. The textile is non-WCF and has different colours on the upper and lower half. 70 different colour combinations are available at the start. Here you can check out the pads:
BalancePlus RS Pad Sportlite
BalancePlus RS Pad XL Sportlite

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