Goldline Curling

Goldline Curling is a producer for curling supplies and this since nearly 50 years now.

1967: The foundation of Goldline Curling

Goldline was founded in the year 1967 by Ed Flowers, an excited curler. In the first years they operated out of a garage. They sold technology for the ice courses and later they concentrate on unique curling equipment.
The success was amazing and Goldline Curling left the garage and moved into a small warehouse. Today Erin Flowers, the daughter of Doug Flowers, is the third generation in the curling business. She leads the company in Mississauga, Ontario in Canada.
Goldline Curling develop some great products. For example:
  • the first anti slider in North America
  • the first curling pants
And of course there are many other great innovations on curlingshoes, curling brooms and several curling supplies.

and today?

Goldline distributs their goods through many Curling Pro Shops in Canada and the USA. And since the saison 2013/14 Goldline products are sold by the leading curling store in continental europe: Skeki

Goldline at Skeki Curling Shop

In the saison 2015/16 we extend our goldline category wwith many new products.
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