Minigolf Putter Sets

More than just a Minigolf Putter

Our putter sets add in steps items that make sense. And they do that at a bargain price.
Starting as low as 19,95€!

With the Basis Sets.

These sets contain a minigolf putter and a minigolf ball.

Next step are the Standard versions.

Add a useful bag for your putter and a ball pickup.

Even better: the Premium Sets.

You get everything from the Basis or the Standard set and more.
A luminescent ball - great when playing at UV light.
And the hole simulator.
Put your own minigolf hole whereever you want - in the garden, on the floor of the living room and start putting!

We thought also of the Children - with our special sets

They contain other items as for the adults of course - 3 sets fit everyone's wishes.
Starterset, Kombiset and Premiumset.

Just a putter? That was yesterday!

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