Combination Sets in many variants 

Minigolf Kombi Sets

Combination Sets in many variants

Our combination sets are right for you, if you want to buy your complete minigolf equipment in one set and save a lot of money.
Starting already from 29,95€!

With a basis set.

These sets contain in every case a minigolf putter and a minigolf ball set.

Next step are the Standard versions.

They add a practical bag for your minigolf putter and all the other things. And there comes the ball pickup.
Very practical: the sophistcatd Belt Ball Bag - carry 10 minigolf balls around your waist and retain 2 free hands for play.

Even better: the Premium Sets.

They contain everything from the Basis or Standard Sets and more.
Here comes a minigolf ball that lights under UV light - a huge trend today and a minigolfball "Springer". Very helpful on the long course with tee off on grass.
And the hole simulator.
Now you can put a minigolf hole wherever you want, in the garden or your living room and start putting!

Minigolf Set - a great present!

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